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Real Estate & Mortgage Products

Calculated Industries is a leading manufacturer of professional and industrial calculators, including easy-to-use real estate, mortgage and financial calculators. Quickly calculate loan payments, qualifying and amortization for your clients with our high-quality products. We even have one-person distance measuring tools you can use to get accurate square footage.

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Let the Qualifier Plus IIIx put financing answers at your fingertips!

Qualify instantly and painlessly with the Qualifier Plus IIIx Real Estate and Mortgage calculator.

Let the Qualifier Plus IIIx do the work for you!
Qualifier Plus IIIx | View Details
The LDM II is an ultrasonic measuring tool with a built-in laser aimer/pointer. Itís the easy-to-use, affordable alternative for anyone needing fast and accurate indoor measurements.

Measure up to 50 feet with 99.0% accuracy.
Laser Dimension Master II | View Details Contact Information

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