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Model 7350
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Magnetic Stud Finder with Removable Markers and Level

The durable StudMark+ makes finding a stud easy and dependable. To use, place the StudMark+ on a wall and move it in a "Z" pattern to find nails or screws used to hold the sheetrock to either metal or wood studs. Its two powerful rare-earth magnets will snap to and hang from the nail or screw head, leaving your hands free to drill, nail or level.

Once in place, there are two removable magnetic markers that can be used to identify and mark a stud while the user moves on to locate and mark up to three studs at one time. Or, a pencil mark can be made in the divot located in the tip of the StudMark+.


  • Two removable magnetic markers
  • Rare-earth magnets are widely spaced to help find studs more quickly
  • No moving parts and never requires calibration
  • No batteries required
  • Bubble vial level to assist in marking lines and leveling items

For - contractors/builders, tradesmen, carpenters, remodelers and DYIs

Great For:
Mounting flat-screen TVs
Hanging shelves
Installing cabinets
Positioning hooks
Putting up mirrors, pictures and more

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Additional Features

  • Two rare-earth magnets in StudMark+ base
  • Bubble vial level to assist in leveling items and marking horizontal lines
  • One StudMark+ stud finder body
  • Two removable markers
  • 2-year warranty

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