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Yellow Flat Shims
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Flat Yellow Shims - 100 Pieces of either 2" or 4"L Flat Shims in 3/16" thickness

The 3/16" Flat Shim Pack option includes 100 pieces of either the 2" or 4" flat shims in yellow. The color indicates a thickness of 3/16". These come in a heavy-duty, clear plastic bag.

  • Yellow 2" Flat Shims: 3/16"H x 7/8"W x 2"L
  • Yellow 4" Flat Shims: 3/16"H x 7/8"W x 4"L

SmartWedge 100% plastic shims are innovative and practically indestructible. Unlike wooden shims, they will not split, rot, mold, compress, shrink or be affected by water. And come with a 75-100 year life expectancy, 5 year warranty. Best used for installing doors and windows, framing, deck building, plumbing projects and more.

SmartWedge Flat shims form a solid base that can bear heavy loads without sagging. They are dimensionally stable, consistently sized and can be used as a single shim or stacked to gain additional height and leveling ability.

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