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SmartWedge Shims
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Wood Rots - SmartWedge Shims are Indestructible

Reduce Call Backs!

SmartWedge plastic shims are innovative and practically indestructible. Unlike wooden shims, they will not split, rot, mold, compress, shrink or be affected by water. And, insects HATE them! They can be used for installing doors and windows, framing, stairs, cabinets, deck building and more.

SmartWedge shims have interlocking teeth to eliminate creep and slippage and allow you to lock two shims together for improved positioning accuracy and support. They can be used as a single shim or stacked to gain additional height and leveling ability.

Innovative snap-apart capability lets you create two perfectly matched 3/4" shims for half the cost.

SmartWedge Shims are heavy duty and can be nailed or screwed without splitting. Two locked together are capable of holding more than two tons when all the teeth are engaged. Pre-scored marks every 1/16th inch make them easy to snap and shorten exactly where you want to.

[+] Details

SmartWedge plastic shims are 8" long and 1-5/8" wide. They can easily be split in half lengthwise to make two 3/4" shims.

3/4" measure marks on edge

1/4" thick at "fat" end, 1/16th at "thin" end

100% recyclable plastic makes them especially useful around "wet-work" areas -- kitchens, bars, baths, spas.

100 year lifetime

5 Year Warranty

And they come conveniently packed in quantities to match the job at hand, whether that is for a single door or window (8 pack), several doors and windows (34 pack) or a whole house (204 pack).

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