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ReadyMax Fashion Style Safety Glasses
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Protect Your EYES and EARS with Innovative New ReadyMax Safety Glasses


ReadyMax Fashion Style Safety Glasses have the same side shield protection as the Construction Style Safety Glasses. They offer everything you want and need in safety glasses - comfort, convenience, good design, and protection for your ears AND eyes.

You'll never misplace or forget your ear protection again because your earplugs are inside your safety glass frames. They store in compartments in the earpieces of the frames when not in use, which eliminates the hassle of lost earplugs.

Nylon earplug tethers extend 4 inches from their "garage" and are designed to break away if necessary. You can even unscrew the plug from its tether to clean it or replace it.

The patented safety eyewear and hearing combination of SoundShield™ glasses and PermaPlug™ earplugs will give you the protection you want in all kinds of working conditions. And, the glasses are sturdy with a clean, stylish, contemporary design.

The Fashion Style Safety Glasses also have an optional removable foam gasket that provides added comfort and cushioning while protecting your eyes from dust, wind and other irritants. Click the Accessories tab for more info and to purchase.

  • Eye protection and ear protection together, so you'll never forget or lose ear plugs
  • Retractable triple-flange PermaPlug earplugs are high quality molded silicone and are removable, washable and replaceable
  • Easy to use - just open the door on the frames and slide the button to extract the plug. When you're done, slide the button back and the plug pulls into its "garage", then close the door. Your plugs will stay clean, dry and protected
  • Available with either a grey lens or a clear lens
Eye Safety
  • SoundShield glasses rated ANSI Z87 +, which means they will protect your eyes from high-velocity impacts
  • Anti-fog, scratch-resistant and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses absorb 99% of UVA and UVB rays
Hearing Safety
  • Soft silicone earplugs are rated NRR 25 for sound protection
  • All earplugs are removable, washable and replaceable. Both silicon and foam options available via 3rd party, call our 800# or email customer care at custcare@calculated.com for more information.

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Gasket Accessory for ReadyMax Fashion Style Safety Glasses Gasket Accessory for ReadyMax Fashion Style Safety Glasses

Eye safety and comfort with gasket accessory for fashion style safety
Gasket Accessory for ReadyMax Fashion Style Safety Glasses | Add to Cart

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