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AirShim SLIM
Model 1180
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MSRP: $14.95
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[+] Overview

AirSHIM SLIM is an Inflatable Elevator Door Safety Wedge, Pry Bar and Leveling Tool

The AirShim SLIM is an inexpensive and convenient elevator safety wedge that is ideal for service and maintenance calls. No more bending down to the floor to install a wedge, just take the lightweight SLIM from your shirt pocket, slide it into the gap between door and jamb at waist level and pump it up to hold the door. You can also use the SLIM during repairs to lift, shift, level and plumb items during installation. Its narrow design enables you to use it in hard to access spaces while still providing powerful lifting ability and safety.

Whether you're an elevator service professional, an elevator mechanic or an inspector, you'll be glad you have this compact and convenient safety wedge. The SLIM replaces costly and heavy adjustable metal wedges and frees up your hands to work. It may be the safest elevator door safety wedge because elevator professionals will actually use it.

It is powerful enough to exert up to 150 pounds of wedging pressure and soft so it won't scratch the smooth surfaces of elevator doors. The AirShim SLIM spans gaps from 3/32" to 1" so it will hold open even dented, misaligned or bent elevators doors. Its adjustability also provides precise adjustment while lifting, aligning, leveling and plumbing during installation. Plus its narrow 3" x 6" pressure surface, the AirShim SLIM can reach into tight spaces and still provide a stable platform that does not wrap or fold around narrow loads.

[+] Details
  • Contractor Grade
  • AirShim SLIM supports up to 150 LB
  • Internal FirmFlex™ stiffener limits folding
  • Bag is 3" x 6" on sides; approximately 3/32" high when deflated, 1" when fully inflated
  • Bulb pump and tube is 6.5" long: tube is 2.5", bulb pump is 1.5" in diameter and 4" long
  • Weight: 2-1/2 oz
  • Soft surface avoids damage to delicate surfaces
  • Comes with a 1-year Warranty
  • Model 1180

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