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ATEX Noise Canceling Audio Headset

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ATEX Noise canceling audio headset with a Push To Talk (PTT) option which is nice when you have to be around loud equipment. The integrated PTT integrated switch allows the end user to select Full Duplex/voice activated mode to take advantage of the APPI Com radio or PTT which gives the users control of when they speak. If in PTT mode they will be a part of the conversation and always connected to the group, but their mic will be muted.

This headset has a NRR rating of 32dB, delivering advanced protection against dangerous decibel levels. This ear protection is very comfortable and has light weight overhead strap for added comfort to prevent the headset from sagging and putting unwanted tension on your ears. This headset has a rear pre-sprung, flexible and adjustable ear muff protection to provide just the right amount of pressure on your ears. High noise canceling mic to reduce/stop unwanted sounds from entering conversations.

Communication quality: Recommended for public safety markets, manufacturing, airline industries and all users in high noise environments.

Exclusive APPI® high reliability connector: metallic, circular, keyed, self-latched, IP68

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