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Self-Powered Remote Speaker Microphone
Model BS-APC-RSM30

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Allen Alexander
Vice President, Sales & Business Development
1-800-854-8075 Ext. 6265

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Self-powered Remote Speaker Microphone for professionals, dedicated to the "support" member who needs to listen and eventually talk with a PTT (push to talk), this system is available on APPI-Com system and connects via APPI connector to the radio.

Communication quality: The RSM30 includes a speaker and a microphone with a PTT button. It has its own audio amplification for optimal listening quality and the battery is charged on any USB charger. Up to 9-hours of talk time. 2-hour recharge time.

Hygiene and ergonomics: Micro-HP can be equipped with several ear accessories with removable and interchangeable tips.

Connection and safety: Exclusive high reliability connector APPI®, metallic, circular, keyed and push-pull locking.
APPI Remote Speaker Microphone.

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