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Noise Canceling Headset

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Allen Alexander
Vice President, Sales & Business Development

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This headset is very comfortable and has noise canceling with ambient hearing protection so you can have a conversation with someone close to you but still block out loud machinery noise above 80db.

Noise canceling Audio Headset with environment sound microphones (Left and Right) and noise canceling boomer. Specifically set for APPI-Com, this headset offers a SNR24 noise isolation with external sound line limited to 80dB (Cut-off function).

Each shell encloses TWO speakers, one dedicated to the APPI-Com side and the other one to the external sound, to ensure communication continuity, even with flat batteries.

Communication quality: Professional noise cancelling Audio headset for very demanding environment, when external sound or free communication with people around is needed.

Hygiene and ergonomics: The MSA Supreme MIL is available in "headband" [BS-APC-SUPMA] or "around the neck" [BS-APC-SUPMN] versions.

Works with 2xAA batteries.

Connection and safety: Exclusive APPI® high reliability connector: metallic, circular, keyed, self-latched, IP68

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