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Machinist Calc Pro App
Model 4136/4137

[+] Overview

Advanced Machining Math and Reference Calculator for your Smartphone or Tablet

  • ALL of the functionality of your Machinist Calc Pro calculator
  • No learning curve -- just one powerful, easy-to-use app
  • Full User's Guide built in as well as ability to press and hold a key for specific help

Ideal for machining pros and shop owners who want to increase productivity and profits in the design, layout and set-up stages of production and reduce wear and tear on costly cutting tools. All the functionality and solutions of the handheld Machinist Calc Pro calculator and optimized for the smartphone or tablet user.

The Machinist Calc Pro machining math and reference tool has a complete assortment of machine shop solutions. It has more complete Thread data than the Machinery's Handbook, including step-saving Thread and Drill Size chart look-ups, speeds and feeds, right triangle solutions, bolt patterns and much more.

Spend more time machining and less time looking up specs and data in books, on charts or in computer programs.

For efficiency-minded Machinists, Setters, Tool and Die Makers, Supervisors, Shop Owners

[+] Details

Built-in Solutions

  • Speeds and Feeds - calculate for milling, turning and drilling; cutting speed, spindle speed (RPM), feed rate (IPM), cutting feed, feed per tooth/chip load, number of Teeth and Radial Chip Thinning adjustment factor
  • Built-in Drill and Thread Size Tables - save time and steps (Compliant with ANSI/ASME B1.1-2003 and ANSI/ASME B1.13M-2005).
  • Enter Numeric, Fractional, Metric Thread Sizes and Drill Sizes - and display tap, roll tap, close and free fit drill sizes plus pitch, major and minor diameters
  • Drill Points - enter the cutting angle and drill size to calculate the drill point cut depth
  • Bolt Pattern Hole Layouts - enter start angle, number of bolts, diameter and optional x, y offset; calculate x and y coordinates. Find center-to-center spacing for bolt pattern layouts
  • 3-Wire Measure - enter Wire Size (or use calculated Best Wire size) and 3-Wire Measurement to calculate pitch diameter
  • Right Triangle Math - enter, calculate Angle, Hypotenuse, Opposite and Adjacent side lengths
  • Trigonometric Functions - Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Arcsine, Arccosine, Arctangent
Thread Classification Tables
  • U.S.
    • Internal (3) 1B, 2B, 3B
    • External (3) 1A, 2A, 3A
  • Metric
    • Internal (14) 3G-9G and 3H-9H
    • External (28) 3g-9g, 3h-9h, 3e-9e, 3f-9f
U.S. and Metric Unit Entries and Conversions
  • Decimal Inches/mils
  • Feet-Inch-Fractions
  • m, mm, cm
  • Area, Volume and Weight

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5 out of 5 
User Reviews
5 out of 5.0
User: from Indianapolis
User Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Simply amazing. An excellent tool. A must have for any programmer/machinist. My sincere opinion.

awesome 5 out of 5.0
User: from Los Angeles ca
User Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
This is the best machinist calculator,I have ever used,very easy to used and the help videos are very informative. i hope in future updates they included chamfer ,radius and radius to angle calculation that gives you the starting and end points along with the I,K and opinion R for lathe operation,an also the I,J,k,R for milling

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