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While professionals rely on us for our rugged and reliable industrial calculators, Calculated Industries has also developed easy-to-use, time and money saving calculators for hobbyists and "do it yourself-ers." Our selection of home and hobby measurement calculators like the Home ProjectCalc, Quilter's FabriCalc and the KitchenCalc are sure to help you get the job done right. Whether you want to paint a room, build a deck, prepare a banquet or a dinner, or make a quilt - Calculated Industries has the tools you need.

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Get it right the first time on your next home improvement project
Home ProjectCalc | View Details
Get fast solutions for just about every quilting task

Use this quilting calculator to take pride and satisfaction in a finished quilt that starts with accurate dimensions, design and layout.
Quilter's FabriCalc | View Details Contact Information

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