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Repair Service FAQ
We've included Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about simple repair solutions. Click on a topic below for answers.

Product Repairs
My Product Isn't Working
Clear All/All Clear/Reset
Begin Return/Repair Process


Make sure the product has the functions needed to solve the problem or calculations. Often a clear understanding of the product's capabilities will determine whether it is working properly or not. Simply find an example in the User's Guide similar to the problem you need to solve. Adapt the keystroke sequence using your own data to obtain the solution.

Often, problems with products can be solved with simple solutions-- e.g., a battery needs changing, or the calculator needs to be reset. Before returning a product for repair, try the suggested tips below.

If you still have questions, click here to e-mail your question to Technical Support.


My product needs to be repaired. What are the proper steps? Is my product covered under the Repair Warranty?

Click here for Repair Service information.

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Make sure your battery(ies) is inserted correctly. If the battery(ies) are inserted properly and good contact is confirmed, and your product is still not working, the battery(ies) may be weak and in need of replacement. Weak batteries may also cause errors.

Where can I purchase batteries?

Most CI products use long-lasting lithium batteries (commonly used for watches) which you may purchase at any Radio Shack or consumer electronic retail store.
Or simply order online now by clicking here.


My calculator simply won't turn on, or locks up. What should I do?

Use the end of a paperclip (or a tool of similar size) to press the "Reset" hole which is typically located at the front of the calculator, below the display (on the right or left side) or at the back, bottom right-hand corner. Your calculator should then turn on.

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Clear All/All Clear/Reset

How do I perform a Clear All (or All Clear) or Reset?

For most dimensional-based (e.g., Construction Master) CI calculators, press the Convert key and then the "x" (multiplication) key ([Conv] [x]).

If you own a Real Estate Master IIIx, Qualifier Plus IIIx, Qualifier Plus IIIfx, Mortgage Qualifier Plus, ElectriCalc LT, ElectriCalc Pro or others, press the Set and then the "x" (multiplication) key ([Set] [x]).

To learn the Clear All/All Clear/Reset functions for more calculators Click here to be taken to our Knowledge Base section.

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Still Have Questions?

If we have not answered your question here, please try our Product Support Knowledge Base section. It provides support articles for most CI products.

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