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ElectriCalc Pro

Model #5070

Electrical Code Calculator 

Help your students learn to solve tough electrical calculations that conform to current NEC code with the skill and accuracy they need to get the jobs they want
  • Kirchhoff's Law
  • Ohm’s Law
  • Wire Sizes
  • Conduit Sizes
  • Motor Full-Load Amps
  • Parallel Resistance
  • Integrated Voltage Drops
The ElectriCalc Pro Emulator for PC or laptop computer is a free downloadable program that you receive when you purchase calculators for your program. It lets you demonstrate on a screen or Smart Board how the calculator is used to solve electrical calculations.
We supply you with digital font files that make it easy for you to incorporate the calculator into your program. You can quickly and easily you can make lessons, assignments, work sheets, tests and study materials that use or show the ElectriCalc Pro keystrokes.
Multiple ‘How to’ YouTube videos with instructions on how to perform a variety of specific calculator functions.


Play Video - Intro and How to Use Intro and How to Use
Play Video - Electrical Math, Kirchoffs and Ohms Law Electrical Math, Kirchoffs and Ohms Law
Play Video - Wire Sizing Wire Sizing
Play Video - Parallel Wire Sizing Parallel Wire Sizing
Play Video - Voltage Drop Wire Sizing Voltage Drop Wire Sizing
Play Video - Conduit Sizing Conduit Sizing
Play Video - NEC Code Year Selection NEC Code Year Selection
Play Video - NJATC Code Calculations Book #8-39 Variety Store Conductor Size Calculations NJATC Code Calculations Book #8-39 Variety Store Conductor Size Calculations
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