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About CI:
For more than 30 years Calculated Industries has made a serious commitment to educators and educational institutions. You can supplement existing programs or build entire new programs around CI products.

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Educator Resources

Affordable tools and curriculum
for today's school budgets

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Building Trades
Construction Management
Real Estate
Culinary Arts
Special, affordable educational pricing
  • Secondary Education
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Junior and Community Colleges
  • Four-Year Colleges and Universities
  • Companies, Trade Associations
    and Unions

We want to make your job easier, and we want to help you help your students develop the skills they will need to have a rewarding career in a challenging workplace. We will provide you with

  • Calculators specifically designed for your subject area
  • PC emulator software so you can demonstrate the use of the calculators on
    a screen or smart board
  • Your own dedicated Education contact

Our Educational Resources will help your students:

  • Get the edge to succeed in todays highly competitive job market
  • Develop applied math skills
  • Advance in the career of their choice


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