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Construction Calculators Help Students Develop Applied Math Skills for the Crafts7/28/2015

Calculated Industries (CI), a long-time partner of NCCER, provides specialty calculators for NCCER training programs throughout the country that teach Core Curriculum, Carpentry, Electrical, HVAC, Pipefitting, Millwright and Ironworking. When educators and trainers became aware of the craft-specific benefits of using CI's calculators to help their students develop applied-math skills, they asked for tools to make teaching easier and more effective. In response, CI created emulator programs that allowed instructors to show the actual keystrokes on a screen or white board while the students used the calculators. CI also developed a workbook and study guide for classes using its Construction Master Pro calculator.

CI offers four main types of calculators for construction craft training:

  1. The Construction Master Pro and Construction Master Pro Trig calculators include craft-specific functionality, built-in calculations for stairs, roofs, rafters and framing and have full trigonometric functions. Earlier this year, the Construction Master Pro calculator was named the No. 1 building and construction app in the industry.
  2. The Pipe Trades Pro calculator has full trigonometric functions and is used by pipefitters, sprinkler fitters and welders and calculates angles, bends, slopes, cutbacks, offsets and flow rates.
  3. The ElectriCalc Pro calculator solves electrical calculations that conform to the National Electrical Code. It calculates Kirchhoff's Law, Ohm's Law, wire and conduit sizes, motor full-load amps, parallel resistance and integrated voltage drops.
  4. The Tradesman calculator is used to teach or learn applied math, including right triangle math, trigonometry, circles, arcs, ratios, proportions, hexagons, polygons and fractions.

Countless numbers of NCCER Accredited Training Sponsors, craft trainees and craft professionals have found CI calculators to be invaluable tools in their training, development and everyday task performance. For more information on how CI calculators can benefit your classroom, visit www.calculated.com.