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CI Makes First Spanish-Language Construction Calculator9/12/2007

Recognizing that nearly 30% of construction workers in the United States are Spanish-speaking, Calculated Industries has developed the world's first Spanish construction calculator.

Based on the company's award-winning Construction Master® calculators, the new Construction Master 5 En Español is truly a Spanish calculator, not just an English-language device with Spanish packaging and instructions. Special function key labels, readouts on the LCD display and the User's Guide are all 100% Spanish. Even the Quick Start tutorial video is in Spanish.

A Spanish construction-math calculator will help Spanish-speaking contractors and tradespeople quickly, easily and accurately solve complex construction problems in the office or on the jobsite, reducing costly errors, saving time and preventing expensive rework. The Construction Master 5 En Español is a feet-inch-fraction construction math calculator that provides Spanish-speaking construction pros with:

  • Dimensional and conversion math solutions
  • Rafter, roof, framing, and stair solutions
  • Built-in calculations for right angles, linear, area, and volume

Mark Paulsen, Calculated Industries' vice president of sales and marketing, says the decision to make a Spanish-only version of the Construction Master began ten years ago when the company began including Spanish product descriptions on its retail packaging. Five years ago, Quick Reference Guides and User Guides became dual language.

"After much discussion with salespeople, customers, dealers and product development, we decided the best course was to pursue two single-language focused models versus a combined unit," Paulsen said. "I believe it's this focusing on the user interface that has made the Construction Master the industry standard for over 20 years."

Rosa Arias, lead tester in Calculated Industries' product development department, was actively involved in the development of the new calculator.

"Doing dimensional math and construction layout is hard enough in your own language. Our goal was to make the calculator easier to use for Spanish-speaking contractors and construction workers," Arias says. "We had the groundwork done on the Spanish version because we have our user guides in Spanish already. The challenge was to abbreviate the construction terms for the keys on the calculator and for the LCD display. Spanish words tend to be longer than English, so we worked hard to come up with abbreviations that made sense."

Founded in 1978, Calculated Industries is a leading manufacturer of specialty calculators and electronics for business and industry. CI has developed tools for tasks ranging from construction, architecture, real estate and lending to home projects, graphic arts, cooking and quilting.