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New Video Tutorial Makes Quilters FabriCalc Even Easier to Use9/12/2007

CARSON CITY, Nev. --- The award-winning Quilter's FabriCalc, the quilt design and fabric estimating calculator from Calculated Industries, now comes with a training video that shows how easy it is to use a calculator specifically designed for quilters. The video will be included, at no additional charge, in new packages of the Quilter's FabriCalc and can be seen at www.calculated.com/qfcvideo.

Susie Blades, a Calculated Industries employee, long-time quilter and former quilt-shop owner, is the "star" of the training video. She not only appears in the video and helped write it, she originally championed the Quilter's FabriCalc to her employers when the idea of a calculator designed for quilters was first being discussed.

"I thought a training video would appeal to quilters. We are very visual folks who don't necessarily like anything that is too high-tech," Blades said. "I just walk them through the basics and try to make them feel more comfortable using the calculator."

The video explains, in Blades' folksy and warm manner, the functions and many advantages of the calculator. There are four sections-Basics, Designing and Metric Conversions, Blocking and Sashes, and Tips. Viewers can select a section or view the 12-minute video in its entirety.

Val Hill, Vendor & Facilities Director for the International Machine Quilters Association's annual show, has been using a Quilter's FabriCalc since it was introduced. After viewing the video recently, Hill said, "I thought the instructional video was very good. I think most people are visual learners and so often, piecing and quilting are something that is done after work and after everyone is fed, etc. Until the consumer uses the calculator repeatedly, they may forget exactly how it works and dread rereading the manual. I think most people will find the video reassuring."

For more information on the Quilter's FabriCalc, visit the web site or call 1-800-854-8075.