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Plus, Specialty Measuring Tools

Welcome to Calculated Industries, your most trusted source for professional calculators and specialty measuring tools. In the industrial world, you need the right specialized tools to get the job done effectively, and that's why we're here to help. Our construction tools and calculators help you save time and prevent costly errors, all while fitting into the tightest of budgets. With our wide selection of construction tools and related products, you can rest assured you will have the supplies necessary to succeed without breaking the bank.

CI Newsroom

CI Named One of Nevada’s Best Businesses to Work For

Las Vegas-based Nevada Business Magazine recently named Calculated Industries one of Nevada's 12 best businesses to work for. In the article announcing the honor, Nevada Business said,

"These businesses make it a priority to take care of their people however they can and have won the loyalty of those they w

In order to get a first-hand account of how these businesses run without actually applying and getting hired at each, the magazine staff looked at several points of employee well-being including how the company treats employees, the kind of benefits offered and the values each company holds sacred. This list was narrowed down several times in order to find the cream of the crop."

All of us at CI say, "Thank you, Nevada Business Magazine. We wholeheartedly agree!"

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Calculated Industries Launching New Machinist Calc® Pro 2 at IMTS

In 2010 Calculated Industries (CI) introduced a new handheld calculator specifically designed for machinists at the IMTS show in Chicago. The Machinist Calc® Pro Advanced Machining Math calculator (Model 4087) quickly became a must-have tool in machine shops around the world.

At IMTS 2014, CI is introducing The Machin

The MachinistCalc Pro has become a significant part of many machining training programs, including those in the Haas HTEC Network. It is also used at the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills competitions for CNC Milling, CNC Turning and Precision Machining.

Dedicated functions of the Machinist Calc Pro 2 include:

Cutting Speed, Spindle Speed (RPM)
Feed Rate, Cutting Feed, Feed per Tooth (Chip Load)
Bolt Pattern hole layouts
Built-in Drill and Thread Size Tables
Drill Point Cut Depth solutions
Trigonometric and Right triangle solutions
Wire Sizes and 3-Wire measurements

To get a hands-on demonstration of the Machinist Calc Pro 2 at IMTS 2014, stop by Booth E-5413. Be sure to ask about special show pricing. For more information on the Machinist Calc Pro and Pro 2, including video demonstrations, go to ...  + More

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' - Keep Those Measuring Wheels Rolling!

CI's new line of measuring wheels hit the market this week. The Wheel Master Series consists of four models, two with 12-inch diameter wheels, and two 4-inch diameter wheels.

All of the easy-to-use, reliable and accurate devices measure up to 9,999 feet, 11 inches.

The Wheel Master Pro 12 is our top-of the line, commercial-grade model designed for professionals. The center-line design makes it balanced and easy to use. It's lightweight and folds to half size for convenient transport and storage. Comes with pistol-grip handle with hand brake, a carrying handle, flip-down kickstand and an easy-to-read magnified counter that can be reset on the handle or with your foot on the counter.

The Wheel Master Classic 12 is a heavy-duty, lower-cost version of the Pro 12. It folds in half for easy carrying and has a flip-down kickstand. Great for fencing, flooring, DIYers.

We also have a cool carrying/backpack for transporting or storing the two 12-inch models.

The Wheel Master 4D is balanced with dual wheels for maximum stability; telescoping 3-piece handle with snap locks extends to 42 inches, collapses to 20 inches for easy carrying; easy-to-read magnified counter. Durable push-button reset.

The Wheel Master 4S is a lighter, single-wheel version of the Wheel Master 4D.

All four Wheel Masters have reflective tape and high-visibility green color schemes for maximum user visibility and safety.

The Wheel Master measuring wheels are now available from contractor supply dealers and other suppliers. Check them out here.

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CI Introduces Machinist Calc Pro for Windows at EMO Hannover 2013

Allen Alexander, CI's Vice President of Sales and Business Development, made his second trip to EMO Hannover recently to launch the international version of the Machinist Calc Pro for Windows. EMO is the leading in

Two years ago Allen introduced the Machinist Calc Pro handheld calculators to the international market on his first trip to Hannover, Germany. This year he demonstrated both the handheld calculators and the Windows-based software version. Allen, who can speak quite knowledgeably about machining math and calculations, has limited German language skills, but he was fortunate to find a smart, charming machining student who spoke both German and English, Aileen Werner.

"Aileen was great," Allen said. "She knew her machining math and was able to demonstrate all the functions -- feeds and speeds, drill and thread sizes, drill point cut depths - whatever the potential customer was interested in. We got a good response for the calculators and the software."

Check out a picture of CI's booth in Hannover, Germany, here.

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Machinist Calc Pro Now Available for Windows

Calculated Industries recently introduced a Windows-compatible software version of its powerful and popular machining math tool, the Machinist Calc Pro. MCP for Windows (Model 4085) is an easy-to-use program that lets machining pros use advanced machining math calculations and reference tools without leaving their estimatin ...  + More

Machining or Drag Racing - We've Got a New App for That

Both the Machinist Calc Pro Advanced Machining Math Reference Tool and the Hot Rod Calc are now available as apps for Android Smartphones or iPhones. You'll get all the functionality of your handheld calculators on your phone. ...  + More

CI Rolls Out Two New Calculators

CI has introduced two brand new calculators - the ConversionCalc Plus and the Tradesman Calc. We call the ConversionCalc Plus the Ultimate Professional Conversion Calculator for good reason - it has over 500 different conversion combinations using more than 70 units. You can use it to work in and conver ...  + More

CI Honored at 2013 IBS Show in Las Vegas

The National Association of Home Builders Student Chapters Advisory Board honored Calculated Industries with its annual Distinguished Service Award at the January 2013 International Builders Show in Las Vegas. The Board voted unanimously to give the award to CI for its continuing support of NAHB Student Chapters and their a ...  + More

KitchenCalc is Now an iPhone App

The KitchenCalc Recipe Scaling and Conversion calculator, is now available as an iPhone app. With the KitchenCalc cooks can quickly and accurately increase or decrease recipe ingredients to the desired servings and portions for any number of guests, eliminating "guesstimating" ingredient quantities. It is currently being so ...  + More

Calculated Industries Releases 2 New Industrial Apps

CI is happy to announce the introduction of both the ElectriCalc® Pro and the Pipe Trades Pro™ for Android smartphones. The official ElectriCalc Pro from Calculated Industries for Android is a full-featured emulation of our popular ElectriCalc Pro handheld calculator and is the most complete NEC® calculator for your ...  + More

CI Construction Calculators, Estimating Tools
Going Worldwide

Over the past couple of years, CI has greatly expanded its international reach. Our construction calculators, industrial calculators and estimating tools are moving to more than 20 countries on four continents - everywhere from Japan and Australia to Romania and Germany, with stopovers in Ireland, Mexico, Germany and more. ...  + More

Calculated Industries Introduces the Machinist Calc Pro (International Model) at EMO

The Machinist Calc™ Pro provides hundreds of fast, precise solutions for your everyday machining calculations. It is the first dedicated handheld machining math and reference tool to provide a complete assortment of essential machine shop solutions for Machinists, Setters, Tool and Die Makers, Machine Shop Supervisors ...  + More

CI's Pipe Trades Pro Featured in Contractor Magazine

The April 2011 issue of CONTRACTOR magazine has an interesting, well-written article by CI's Lead Project engineer, Mike Diamond on how pipefitters can solve challenging layout problems with CI's Pipe Trades Pro. Click here to read the article.

Calculated Industries Introduces New Construction Master Power for Android Smartphones

Carson City, Nev. -- The power and versatility of the award-winning Construction Master Pro construction-math calculator is now available for Android Smartphones.

The Android apps are built with the same features and functions and the same core engine that powers the industry-standard advanced construction-math cal ...  + More

New Machinist Calculator Increases Productivity, Profits

Calculated Industries, maker of the award-winning Construction Master® calculators, has developed a new handheld calculator specifically designed for machinists. The Machinist Calc Pro is built for efficiency-minded machinists, setters, tool-and-die makers, supervisors and shop owners in small to mid-sized machine shops ...  + More